How long does it take to get a base tan?

Answer According to Perfect Tan, the time it take a person to get a base tan will vary by the individuals skin type. A tan will begin to develop within a few tans, but will take weeks to acquire fully.Sou... Read More »

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52 RCA rear projection TV model HD52W59 where the base is attached to the unit- Is it possible to remove the base so I can put it on your own base with shelves?

No you can't remove the base. Most of the electronics are located in the base.

How long should you wait before using the floor after applying water base polyurethane?

This will depend on the humidity and temperature of the room, but generally 24 hours.

How do I list my home to Vandenberg Air Force Base military personel off base housing--?

Can you resell products that you buy at a military base exchange in a off-base retail store?

Yes. Such establishments are typically called Military Surplus stores.