How long does it take to get Oxycontin out of your body?

Answer On One Hand: A Couple of DaysAccording to OHS Health and Safety Services, Oxycontin typically takes one to two days to get out of your system, but this can vary depending on your body chemistry and... Read More »

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How long to complete withdrawal from Oxycontin?

The withdrawal period for most Opiate based narcotics such as Oxycontin is 72 hours[3 days].During that period, you can expect your mother to be physically uncomfortable, experience night sweats, t... Read More »

How long will it take for me to go from 15% body fat to 10% body fat 10 points?

try to move to 800 calories and move 30 minutes cardio and do some heavy left trainig you gonna see some great results i short time

Can you take Oxycontin when pregnant?

You cannot take this drug while you are pregnant. This is considered a narcotic. Any narcotics are harmful for your baby.

Oxycontin Withdrawal?

No you won't go through any withdrawls switching from oxycotin to methadone. I've done the switching from opiate based meds to methadone before. That's why they give it to opiate addicts,, to pr... Read More »