How long does it take to dugest a granola bar?

Answer Are you interested in how long until the nutrients enter your bloodstream or how long until the waste is ready to exit the body? The sweetener in the granola bar will be the first component to be ... Read More »

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Does benadryl make you sleepy If so how long does it take before it kicks in And how long will i sleep?

Yes. It makes you sleepy. As a chronic insomniac I would take it to get sleepy. Except for prescription sleeping pills, which the doctors don't like to let you have on a nightly basis and due to th... Read More »

How long does it take for ibuprofen to kick in and once it has kicked in how long does it last?

15-30 minutes to kick in...depending on what's in your stomach...4-6 hours, duration of action...

Does granola contain whey?

Whey protein or powder is often found in granola. It is possible to purchase granola without whey, but it might be more difficult to find. Look for packaging that says dairy free, as whey is a by-p... Read More »

How long does it take for the 1st and 2 layer of skin take to heal after minor cut?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!