How long does it take to drive from Mexico to Argentina Is it safe to do so?

Answer 6 months.... Maybe. Look up the "Pan American Highway". Safe? Who knows? Depends on many things.You need a passport AND you need appropriate visas for EVERY country that requires it. If you are ask... Read More »

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How safe is it to drive from Mexico to Ecuador?

On One Hand: It's Been Done BeforeTravel books and blogs have been written about driving from South America up to Mexico and even beyond via the Pan-American Highway. Travelers have made the journe... Read More »

How long does it take to get from Mexico City, Mexico to the Mayan ruins?

According to, there are over 20 sites where you can view Mayan Ruins. The closest one to Mexico City is the site at Palenque. The trip from Mexico City to Palenque will take approxim... Read More »

Are mexico vacations safe?

On One Hand: Crime is Rising in MexicoPeople often worry about the safety of traveling to Mexico because of the increase in drug-related homicides since the 1990s. According to the Wall Street Jour... Read More »

Is going to mexico tlaltenango safe in a bus?

Alex, it would help if you stated where your trip is starting from.I would not start in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez nor San Diego/Tijuana, Laredo/Nuevo Laredo.I definitely would from McAllen/Reynosa and ... Read More »