How long does it take to deliver once your labor has been induced?

Answer Answer I have three children and all three were induced. For example my last one, I was induced on the Friday morning and didn't have him until the early hours of Sunday. They give you a drug to... Read More »

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Could a woman have labor induced 2 weeks early because of backache or is it more likely that she fibbed about how far along she was?

%REPLIES%AnswerI don't think they would induce someone because of back pains. But two weeks early isn't always early. The due date can be off by two weeks before or after. It is an educated guess. ... Read More »

Having 2nd lost entire mucus plug late last nite at 38 weeks induced with 1st bad back pain irregular contractions with this one could it be labor?

Answer If not, you're missing a really good chance. What you describe sure sounds like the stars are in alignment and the baby is ready. Good luck and I hope you and the baby (ies?) do well.

You are 35 weeks pregnant with your third baby and you want to be induced you are not sleeping well and you have really bad hip and back pain can you be induced?

I'm 39 weeks prego with my third child and I'm feeling the same way! But i think it is all up to the doc. My doc won;t induce until my cervix is effaced. I've been havng regular contractions for 6 ... Read More »

How do you start labor and deliver in 24 hours?

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