How long does it take to deliver a baby?

Answer I started to get contractions at about 130am. and at 330am i went to the hospital cause they were 5 min apart. around 930am i was 3 and 1/2 cm and they gave me an epidural. i took a nap until 2pm. ... Read More »

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How long should it take to deliver a baby after your water breaks?

Everyone is different and there is not set time, while some doctors don't want you going past a cerentin point just depends on your physician. It can be a matter of hours or a day or so just depend... Read More »

How long after your water breaks does it take to deliver a baby?

Answer Whenever the baby is ready. Could be an hour could be 12.

How long will it be until you deliver if you were two days past your EDD and started having strong contractions 2-4 minutes apart and the baby's head is very low but the next day they stopped?

Answer I bet by the time you read this answer you will have delivered.

Can you be pregnant with twins and have one baby be tubal and deliver the other baby?