How long does it take to deliver a baby?

Answer I started to get contractions at about 130am. and at 330am i went to the hospital cause they were 5 min apart. around 930am i was 3 and 1/2 cm and they gave me an epidural. i took a nap until 2pm. ... Read More »

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How long after your water breaks does it take to deliver a baby?

Answer Whenever the baby is ready. Could be an hour could be 12.

How long should it take to deliver a baby after your water breaks?

Everyone is different and there is not set time, while some doctors don't want you going past a cerentin point just depends on your physician. It can be a matter of hours or a day or so just depend... Read More »

How many hours does it take the average woman to deliver her baby?

How long does it take FedEx to deliver?

Federal Express has a variety of delivery options, offering different delivery speeds for different prices. To most areas of the continental U.S., FedEx can deliver by 8 a.m. the next business day ... Read More »