How long does it take to charge an ipod?

Answer Answer It takes one hour to charge it 80%, and three hours to fully charge your ipod.

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How long do i charge my new ipod?

i always think you have to charge it for at leaste 12 hours. like a new cell phone it should be a continuous charge for that long or else the battery compasity wont be as great. also dont listen ... Read More »

How long does it take an ipod to fully charge?

The amount of time it takes to fully charge your iPod's battery will vary a little based on which model iPod you have. According to the Apple website, the iPod Nano will be fully charged in 3 hours... Read More »

How long does it the ipod touch take to charge?

It will be 80% charged in 1.5 hours and fully charged in 3 hours.

How long should an iPod battery charge last?

When you are listening to music, an iPod battery should last for approximately 20 hours after a full charge. However, the battery will drain faster if you are watching TV shows, movies or looking a... Read More »