How long does it take to charge a marine battery?

Answer Fully charging a marine battery takes at least several hours. Quick charging at a higher amperage takes less time, but can only achieve a 75 percent charge, enough to start an engine. Charging a ba... Read More »

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How to Charge a Marine Battery From a Car?

A marine battery works much like a car battery and, depending on the size of the craft, can easily be charged by a car. Caution must be exercised: check to make sure the marine battery is 12 volts,... Read More »

How to Test the Charge in a Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Nothing is more frustrating than turning on your boat's sound system and finding out, too late, that the deep cycle battery is as dead as a stone. You may check your deep cycle battery--the battery... Read More »

How long does it take to charge an M83 battery?

The spare magazine clip battery for an M83 gun should initially be charged for four hours. Recharges should last no longer than two-three hours or there is a chance the battery can be ruined.Source... Read More »

How long to charge a car battery?

Batteries are charged at varying rates depending on requirements. Common rates for slow charging is 14 to 16 hours, quick charging is three to six hours and 45 to 60 minutes for fast charging batte... Read More »