How long does it take to bleed out?

Answer according to linkin's....digging deeper just to throw it awaymake of it what you will

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How long does it take to bleed to death?

My guess is 20 minutes.If you cut off your head, or leg, then you would bleed to death much faster. Literally every heartbeat would pump a good amount out.Add to that, always, after a slit wrist, t... Read More »

How long will you bleed something bleed if you hit a vein?

Veins carry the deoxygenated blood to the heart do that it can go through the oxygenation process in the lungs. There is less pressure on the veins as they are further away (peripheral) from the he... Read More »

How long does a dog bleed after birth?

well if it is a big hurt then about 3 to 5 mins if it is small hurt then 1 to 2 mins

How long does or should a dog bleed after giving birth to a litter?

Answer giving birth, how long will she continue to bleed? Bright red blood should stop within a day or two and should be minimal. Darker blood (almost a brownish)... Read More »