How long does it take to become an abdominal sonographer?

Answer The time required to become an abdominal sonographer varies according to the method of training or study program. Vocational certificates can take as little as one year whereas universities offer... Read More »

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How long does a sonographer have to go to school?

Sonographers typically go to college for two or four years, earning an associate's or bachelor's degree. A few one-year vocational programs result in sonography certifications, but these are typica... Read More »

How long should you have cramping Is it a bad sign that you're about 4-6 weeks and still having some abdominal discomfortness?

AnswerIf it is really bothering and hurting you, you should see a doctor. Good luck and God Bless:)

How long does the lower abdominal pain in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease last?

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What does a sonographer do?

A sonographer uses an ultrasound machine and interprets the images. The most common job for a sonographer is when a baby is examined while still inside the womb. Duties of a sonographer include exp... Read More »