How long does it take penicillin to work on tonsilitis?

Answer If your diagnosis is BACTERIAL tonsillitis, an antibiotic should improve symptoms within 24-48 hours. However, tonsillitis may also be caused by viral infections (ie, mono, adenovirus,, etc.).

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19 yr old with tonsilitis, is it serious?

I had tonsilitis to. You need to go to the doctors and have them removed.

Can I smoke with tonsilitis?

it won't help it in any way, probably serve to irritate your throat further. I had tonsillitis once and I continued to smoke the entire time, I don't remember it having a particularly bad effect on... Read More »

Can you have tonsilitis without a fever?

yes you can, I didn't have a fever. id ring the NHS and get their opinion on what to do.

Should I take my antibiotics again (sore throat/tonsilitis)?

The reason that you're supposed to finish ALL of your antibiotics is to completely kill off the infection. All you did was kill off the weaker bacteria. Now the stronger bacteria have had a chanc... Read More »