How long does it take for your lungs to heal after quitting smoking?

Answer They start healing in about 12 hours

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How can I rebuild and heal my lungs fast after quitting smoking?

theres a herb named lobelia if u can find it. Garlic is a natural lung healer, eat it as often as u can. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine and drink plenty of water.Exercise regularly too.

How long does it take after quitting smoking for your lungs to clear?

On One Hand: Five YearsAccording to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, after roughly five years of being smoke free your lungs will replace all non-cancerous cells. Additionally, after this time, th... Read More »

How long after quitting smoking will it take lungs to improve?

On One Hand: Short Term BenefitsIf you can go three months without smoking, the function of lungs will begin to improve, but not yet reach normal, pre-smoking conditions.On the Other: Long Term Ben... Read More »

How long does your lungs take to clear after quitting smoking , i,ve smoked for 39 years whats my chance?

Best Answer - Chosen By VotersI smoked from the time I was 11 to about the age of 37....I quit a week before my birthday in 97 and am still feeling like it isn't quite out of my system yet.....I th... Read More »