How long does it take for your breast to become tender after you conceive?

Answer One of the first signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness. Hormonal changes produce changes in the breast tissue. A woman may experience breast tenderness as early as one to two weeks after she conc... Read More »

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If you are trying to conceive could you have pregnancy symptoms such as cramping and tender breasts as early as 12 days before your period is due?

Answer 12 days before your next period is due would be around the time you are most fertile, the cramps etc are probably ovulation pains, get to the bedroom!

Does all women breast become tender when pregnant?

Pregnant breasts Not always, but since your body is adjusting to accommodate breast feeding, it is likely to cause some swelling, tightness, extra warmth, etc. Try a cool wet towel compress, and i... Read More »

Your breast is tender and you get sharpe cramps and feel sick out the day and see alot of mucus iam you pregnant?

Answer probably. You have a lot of discharge when you are pregnant.

How long does it take to conceive a baby after you have sex?

Here's a good article...i would test soon.Release of Egg:The egg is released and travels into the fallopian tube where it remains until a single sperm penetrates it during fertilization (the union ... Read More »