How long does it take for your baby on babydow to turn three?

Answer Everyday Ur baby ages another two weeks . If you care for your baby everyday it shud turn three in bout 62 dAys :D but if u have an hour glass u can speed this process up ! Hope this helps !

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How do you change your baby's hair on babydow after the baby is born?

you can buy exotic remake from the fairy forest and thats how

How to Look After Your Baby on Babydow?

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How do you create another baby for babydow?

To get another baby on Babydow you have to have "seeds". I think your account comes with a few... but anyway, on the top of your page put your mouse over "Home" Then go down until you find "My Gard... Read More »

Can you put your baby up for adoption on babydow?

honey you can't just delete or restart your babydow game.