How long does it take for wine to affect you?

Answer Wine has a very low alcohol percentage, and will only get you drunk after drinking a lot of it. Depending on the size of the glass, you probably won't feel any effect from the alcohol until after y... Read More »

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Does wine affect a uti?

You should avoid all alcohol when you have a uti. Drink extra water. Cranberry juice is supposed to help a little too.

How do taxes on wine affect sales?

Taxes on wine in the United States are controlled by different levels of government: federal, state and local. The impact of raising and lowering taxes has far reaching effects on jobs, the economy... Read More »

If you just found out you're 4 weeks pregnant will drinking 1 wine cooler about 3 weeks ago affect the baby?

AnswerHighly unlikely as that would have been before you even got pregnant. There's not a whole lot of alcohol in a wine cooler so it should be ok, but now that you know you are pregnant, you shou... Read More »

How long before wine goes bad?

It all depends. Smell and taste it.There have been many questions of this type on this board and I have been experimenting with keeping the remains of wine in the fridge and to my surprise they kee... Read More »