How long does it take for weed to grow?

Answer It depends on what kind of weed you have. Baby dro grows in like 2-3 months but white widow takes up to 4 months to grow. Everything depends, you can grow fast or you can grow normal. kaka poo poo ... Read More »

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How long does it take a weed plant to grow?

First of all you shuldnt even ask thsi question before i report you to the police :L

How long does it take for weed to be out of my system?

Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoking session for someone with a clea... Read More »

How long does it take for weed to get out of your body?

THC, the psychoactive compound of Marijuana, can remain in the body for several days after use. If you are a heavy smoker, then the timeline is distinctly longer; THC can remain detectable in your... Read More »

How long does it take to grow the homestead ez grow mushroom kit?

The Homestead EZ Grow Mushroom Kit takes a couple of weeks to grow, according to the Homestead Book Company, which sells the product. The kit includes the spores for the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom... Read More »