How long does it take for turkey eggs to hatch?

Answer According to the Poultry Club, there are two methods available for hatching turkey eggs -- natural or artificial. With both natural and artificial incubation methods it takes 28 days for turkey egg... Read More »

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How to Hatch Turkey Eggs?

Raising turkeys for the dinner table or simply for enjoyment has become a popular pastime on numerous hobby farms. Often the need to incubate turkey eggs artificially becomes necessary when raising... Read More »

How to Hatch Turkey Eggs in an Incubator?

Turkey egg.If the eggs under your turkey hen(s) aren't hatching well, you can move them into an incubator for better hatching success. Since turkey eggs have different needs than chicken eggs, here... Read More »

How much humidity do turkey eggs need to hatch in an incubator?

In an incubator, 60 to 62 percent humidity is ideal for turkey eggs while they are setting. During hatching, the humidity may be raised to 70 to 77 percent. Extra moisture trays can be added to the... Read More »

How long does it take goose eggs to hatch?

Goose eggs only take about a month to hatch. The Chinese white goose is one of the most beautiful breeds of all geese. This breed is also the most proficient egg layer, typically laying 40 to 100... Read More »