How long does it take for the pain to go away?

Answer the majority of the pain -if not all- will be goneby then but you may have ulcers at that point and you will probably get them a lot now unfortunately though after 4-5 months I don't get them so mu... Read More »

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I have been in pain for so long, my legs and arms hurt so badly to the point the pain wakes me up.?

sound like as if your calcium may be a bit low try drinking milk and eating things like potatoes and bananas full of potassium

How long should you have pain after a wisdom tooth extraction and if the stitches were removed early does that add to the period you are expected to experience pain?

Answer Once, one of my wisdom teeth was impacted, so the pain was worse to have it in my mouth than it was after extraction. Sufficed to say, I didn't need anything for pain. Compared to having a ... Read More »

At what point of the painful ovulation is intercourse best for conception before the pain during the pain or shortly after the pain?

Answer Pain during ovulatory times can come before while the follicle is filling with fluid, during while the follicle is actually rupturing to release the egg, or following due to the formation of... Read More »

Long lasting pain .help please?

If you're really concerned about this pain you should definitely go see your doctor and explain to them.They will most likely prescribe you with pain killers, and advice you.If I were you I'd just ... Read More »