How long does it take for the pain to go away?

Answer the majority of the pain -if not all- will be goneby then but you may have ulcers at that point and you will probably get them a lot now unfortunately though after 4-5 months I don't get them so mu... Read More »

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I fractured my collarbone yesterday (INORITE!). How long does it take for the pain to go away?

I was going to say something like, try for a vicodin enema, the way Mrs KIA takes her Pixi-Stix..however, I feel your pain and don't want to make light of this horror you have presented. Snort tho... Read More »

I burned my tongue and the pain has not gone away yet. How long can I expect it to take to heal?

Just keep sucking on ice cubes...unless you can see blisters on it or anything, then go see a doctor. It should take about a week or so, having it in your mouth is painfull, but good as the saliva ... Read More »

How come the pain pills....Vicodin....that I take for my leg pain doesn't take away a headache?

it could be the pills causing the headache to begin with, stop taking it and see if it goes away.

Does heat take away pain?

Ice is best for the knee, it protects it from futher damage and takes away the pain, and lets it heal. Heat can help only if a muscle is tight but normally on a knee if its hurting you have pulled ... Read More »