How long does it take for swelling to decrease in an infected toe?

Answer On One Hand: Many TreatmentsThe swelling of an infected toe can often be remedied easily and quickly. Many treatments exist, and depending on the severity of infection--from abrasions to ingrown to... Read More »

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How to Decrease Facial Swelling?

Facial swelling and puffiness can be so annoying. Whether it is just trying to look your best day-to-day, or needing emergency help for a puffy face before a big event, help is here! ... Read More »

How long is too long for swelling on the brain?

On One Hand: Minutes of Severe Swelling Can Cause DeathBrain swelling, or cerebral edema, usually results from an illness or head injury. Fluid accumulates within the brain tissue, and because the ... Read More »

I had a tooth taken out. How long does the swelling last?

Every one is different as far as the amount of swelling, It also depends on how much infection you had.It's better to consult your problem with a nearby dentist.It needs around 1 or 2 weeks for the... Read More »

How long should I have swelling from a knee sprain?

Ouch. How did it happen? I sprained my ankle( In Volleyball I bent it in at a 90 degree angle) and that was in November. The swelling still isn't down, but it isn't purple or anything. It was like ... Read More »