How long does it take for seeds to sprout?

Answer Seeds Sprouting Different types of seeds take different lengths of time to sprout. Some sprout quickly, like in a couple of days, and others can take a month or longer.

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How long does it take for tomato seeds to sprout?

How long does it take for strawberry seeds to sprout?

It takes 2-3 weeks for it to sprout also if wanted in bag with water put in fridge for that long. When it germinates take it out put it in a cup and the bag over it for less evaporation. Be sure to... Read More »

How long do I soak broccoli seeds to sprout?

Soak broccoli seeds 4 to 6 hours in warm water for sprouting. Cover the seeds in water as they soak, and cover the container with fabric that has a loose weave, such as muslin or cheese cloth. Rins... Read More »

How Long for Passion Flower Seeds to Sprout in Hawaii?

Passion flowers grow on a vine that produces passion fruit. In Hawaii, fallen fruit often sprouts on its own and creates a new vine wherever conditions are right. You can start your own vine by ger... Read More »