How long does it take for parsley to be full grown?

Answer It depends on the soil, watering and light it gets I have had some of mine take as little as 3 weeks from seed to my plate, Typical would be 2 months though

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How long does it take for corn to grown and be harvested in California?

I remember growing corn as a kid. There's a saying in the Midwest (my dad's from Wisconsin) that corn sholud be "knee-high on the 4th of July." We took a picture one year. I was standing on top of ... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Full Grown House Sparrow?

A Sparrow on a branchA Sparrow is a fun bird to care for. But it can be very hard[1] to care for. Especially when you don't know the difference of taking care of wild or bought.

How long does it take for full breast development?

Breast development is the most outwardly visible sign of puberty in teen girls. Girls begin the development of their breasts by forming "buds." This can occur anywhere from age 7 to age 13. Breast ... Read More »

How long does a full scan of malwere take?

Could be a little more than an hour, depending on how many files you have on your drive. Will usually be much less with an SSD