How long does it take for homeowner's insurance to go into effect?

Answer Homeowners insurance usually goes into effect immediately upon approval by the insurance company. After applying, insurance companies may take several days to several weeks to approve a policy. Hom... Read More »

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How long does it take for homeowners insurance to go into effect?

Your homeowners insurance policy takes effect on the date listed on your policy or declarations page. On some homeowners insurance policies, it may also be identified as an inception date.Reference... Read More »

Does homeowners insurance cover a homeowners fall?

You mean cover the owner who is listed on the policy? =No!

Can my homeowners insurance refuse to cover my fiance for loss or liability on the home we jointly own because he is not related to me and make me buy renters insurance for him in NJ?

Laws may be a little different in the Armpit of America but in the communist state of MA as long as you jointly own the home then you would be jointly covered on the home policy. If so then they ca... Read More »

How Can I Obtain Homeowners Insurance If the Insurance Has Lapsed 6 Months?

Homeowners purchase insurance to cover serious losses, such as fire, earthquake or other damages. The cost of insurance varies based on your location. People struggling with financial hardship may ... Read More »