How long does it take for head scan results to come through?

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MRI scan Really need help understanding my results I'm only 18.?

You have lost the support of the vertebral structure, the pars interarticularis that connects the facet joints to the body of the vertebrae. This means the L5 slips forward on the one below. This ... Read More »

How Does Metal Affect the Results of a PET Scan?

Imaging tests allow doctors to see what is happening inside your body and helps them diagnose health problems. If you need a positron emission tomography scan, better known as a PET scan, you will ... Read More »

How to Understand the Results of a Bone Scan?

Bone scans are nuclear medicine procedures in which small amounts of nuclear dye is injected so the radiation can be picked up on special cameras. These tests are done to detect areas in bones wher... Read More »

Confused with Malwarebyete results after scan?

Select them ALL and then tell it to remove all selected items. You do NOT need any of those it sees.