How long does it take for cocaine to get out of a newborn baby system if mom used it during pregnancy?

Answer This may take up to two months. Once this drug is in the system it effects the baby the same way it effects you. The drug will leave the system the same time it would take t o leave yours.

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How long into your pregnancy before medicines you are taking can affect the baby?

Answer Actually, at any time in your pregnancy. Of course it matters what you are taking and how much. But the further along you are the less of a chance that anything will affect the baby. Some do... Read More »

Whats the quickest way to get cocaine and THC out of your system?

er, please don't drink any bleach. a cup of bleach will likely kill you. even quicker than the coke.i passed by drinking a jar full of pickle juice once - and gallons of water, over about 5 days. i... Read More »