How long does it take for birth control to start working?

Answer Birth control pills begins working immediately if the user starts her first pill on the first day of her next period. Starting the pack on any other day, however, requires the use of a back-up cont... Read More »

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Is my birth control still working?

Sorry, spotting is completely normal when changing the time you take your pill.However, the way you did it was very smart. However, you should take your pills at the new time for a while (a week or... Read More »

When can you start using birth control after a birth?

On One Hand: Progestin-Only Pills Can Be Started ImmediatelyBirth control pills, also known as oral contraceptives, which only contain progestin can be started immediately after birth. Progestin wi... Read More »

How to Start Birth Control?

Many women decide to take birth control in order to prevent pregnancy or to keep their menstrual cycles consistent. Once a woman and her doctor decide that it is best to start taking birth control,... Read More »

When does birth control start to work?

Birth control can start working at various times, depending upon where you are in your menstrual cycle. Within six days of a period, birth control is nearly immediately effective, although it is pr... Read More »