How long does it take for banana trees to grow bananas?

Answer It takes a banana tree two frost free seasons to develop fruit before dying.

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Do bananas grow on trees or plants?

Bananas do not grow on a tree. They grow on a large plant that can reach up to 30 feet in height. The banana plant is the largest plant on earth that does not have a woody main stem. The stem is ma... Read More »

Do banana trees grow from seeds?

No. Commercial bananas do not produce viable seeds and grow from trees propagated from rootstocks or rhizomes (underground stems). However, wild bananas do have seeds that can grow wild plants.Sou... Read More »

Can you freeze bananas for banana bread?

On One Hand: Freeze them whole.Freezing bananas is simple, and it ensures that you can have banana bread anytime you like. While they are still ripe simply pop bananas into the freezer, peel and a... Read More »

Can Banana Snail turn into bananas?