How long does it take for an std to hurt your baby?

Answer It is a disease, maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor because you might die.

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Will it hurt if 2 of your baby teeth have to get removed and at the top.will the shot hurt?

Well, it's no fun. I can promise you that. I am extremely needle phobic. When I was younger, I had crowding and my dentist wanted to pull teeth to help the others come in straight, and I was scared... Read More »

Does having a baby hurt?

The contractions is what hurts the most according to what women say but prepare yourself is the best thing. Talk to your midwife and go through all the options of dealing with the pain. It's good t... Read More »

Does it hurt to have a baby?

yes. pushing something that big out of the vagina must be agonizing!yes because you have a lot of contractions and the pushing is horribly painful!!

Does having a baby hurt when you are 11?

It hurts no matter what age you are, but all women experience a different level of pain during childbirth. There are a lot of different pain relief options available