How long does it take for an international package to get from florida to canada?

Answer How long it takes an international package to travel from Florida to Canada depends on the size of the package and the mail rate you use. Using the Priority Mail rate or the Express Mail rate, the ... Read More »

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How long does a small package take to be delivered to Sydney Australia with USPS first class international ?

It depends. I get a parcel once a month from America to me here in Melbourne by Priority mail (a bit quicker than first class) and it takes between 5-8 days. First class might take up to two weeks,... Read More »

Does Canada have an international code for dialing?

Canada shares a single international dialing code with the United States. When dialing a Canadian number from abroad, the caller must add 1, followed by a three-digit municipal or area code. When m... Read More »

Anyone know where to buy unlocked international version Samsung Galaxy S4 - Canada?

As of this minute, it's only available through eBay, ranging from $700 and more. Amazon is only selling an unlocked version for U.S. carrier AT&T and Sprint.

How can an international student afford to pay University tuition in Canada?

You will most likely never make enough to afford tuition as an international student. You will have to have student loans, sponsorship from your home country, loans from your parents, and possibly ... Read More »