When should hydrangeas be fertilized?

Answer Apply a balanced fertilizer to your hydrangea plant once yearly. You can do it in early spring or late winter. Keep mulch around the base of the plant to hold in moisture, and hold off on pruning u... Read More »

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Does sedum need to be fertilized?

Fertilizer is not needed for the genus sedum. Because over-feeding the plants can result in weak, leggy stems, it is more beneficial to plant sedum in their ideal growing conditions and not fertili... Read More »

How are duck eggs fertilized?

Ducks eggs are fertilized when ducks mate. The sperm fertilizes the eggs in the female duck's oviduct. From there, the egg travels down the oviduct with the white part of the egg forming around the... Read More »

Does menstruation occur if the egg is fertilized?

If the egg is fertilized that means pregnancy has taken place. Hence, no menstruation.

How can you reduce chances of egg getting fertilized?

DO NOT HAVE SEX!Or, use protection when you do have sex. However, no protection is 100% reliable. Some examples of protection are a condom or the pill. The condom is something that a man puts over ... Read More »