How long does it take for a tree to sprout?

Answer about a year

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How long does a lemon tree take to sprout?

Lemon seeds can take a few weeks to six months to sprout, depending on the conditions. You need to use a lemon seed that has never dried out, and the soil should be warm and moist.Source:Tradewinds... Read More »

How long do cannas need to sprout?

Canna seeds sprout into flowers after approximately 100 days of watering. They fare best in organic, moist soil, and grow brightly colored flowers in temperate climates with a lot of sunshine. They... Read More »

How long does it take for a pea-plant to sprout?

About 5 to 7 days. Give it lots of water with liquid fertiliser once it begins to shoot up but don't drown it or let it dry out.

How long does it take for a seed to sprout?

From the time a seed is planted until the first leaves emerge above the soil is called germination. The length of time that it takes for a seed to sprout varies according to the type of seed, soil ... Read More »