How long does it take for a scratched cornea to heal?

Answer The most common symptoms of a corneal abrasion are redness, pain, blurred vision, excessive tears, sensitivity to light, or a feeling that an object is in the eye. Most such abrasions occur in one ... Read More »

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When someone has cornea surgery how long does it take to heal what are the chances of?

It can take serveral months for a complete recovery after corneal surgery. Many times, all that is required is a local anesthetic. Depends upon the patient. Sedation is always an option. I have... Read More »

I think I scratched my Cornea?

As you have been over wearing your contact lenses, your eyes are a bit inflamed and are a bit sensitive to light. You need to remove your contact lenses and allow your eyes to breath and recover.Re... Read More »

Do I have a scratched cornea?

A scratched cornea doesn't last for months. You have none of the symptoms of a scratched cornea. There is no reason to suspect that at all.The Dr. didn't say anything last week...but....didn't you ... Read More »

How do you heal a scratched knee?

Let the air get to it, keep it clean dont let it get dirty again.