How long does it take for a plastic carry bag to rot?

Answer A plastic carry bag is made of polyethylene, a non-biodegradable material; it won't rot down for 1,000 to 10,000 years or even more. If not properly disposed of, plastic bags will eventually rot d... Read More »

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Do you...carry your paper or plastic?

How long does a cow carry her calf?

Most cows have a gestation period of 279 to 287 days. The most common length of pregnancy is 283 days among species. Length of gestation is dependent on breed, age and calf Read More »

How long will I have to carry SR22 insurance?

SR22 insurance is required if your license has been suspended. It lets the state know that you have purchased the minimum liability insurance required.Time FrameIn most states, the minimum time tha... Read More »

Can i carry my long gun on the streets of Michigan?

If you are a Michigan resident in possession of a valid Concealed Pistol License, you are permitted to carry most firearms, including rifles that are between 26 and 30 inches long. There is no sepa... Read More »