How long does it take for a pile of topsoil to dry?

Answer Topsoil dries according to what the WSU Extension Service calls the "soil-water-air relationship." Wind, shade, temperature and humidity are all air variables. The type of soil underneath also make... Read More »

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What size pile is 4 cubic yards of topsoil?

Many combinations of pile length, width and height are possible. Topsoil, like gravel and other landscaping material, is measured in cubic yards. One cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet, or 27... Read More »

How long are cocoa beans left in a pile to darken&age?

After the cocoa pods are harvested and the beans removed, the beans are laid out for five days to darken. This aging allows biochemical changes to take place, which darken the bean, develop its fla... Read More »

What is a compost pile used for?

A compost pile serves as a long-term source of nutrients to enrich the soil. It improves soil structure, enables the soil to hold water longer, supplies the soil with significant quantities of orga... Read More »

What does the pile height of a rug mean?

The pile on carpets or rugs is the loops of yarn or straight strands that create the tufting on a base surface. The measurement from the backing surface to the yarn tips determines the pile height ... Read More »