How long does it take for a loose tooth to tighten?

Answer If it was knocked out of the groove, and was hangin' by the nerve, but placed back - then it will be back to normal in about 4-5months if your b very careful with it, and don't eat anything harder ... Read More »

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Did you know there is a vitamin you can take if you have a loose tooth and it will actually tighten back up?

No, I didn't. Which vitamin is it? Happy Monday, my friend!! :)Hugs!!

How long does it take for skin to tighten on the stomach?

On One Hand: After-Pregnancy ExercisesAfter pregnancy, many women find that the skin in the abdominal area is not as tight as it was before giving birth. This can also happen to women who lose weig... Read More »

If you loose a SrA stipe in the Air Force how long does it take to get back?

Any radar can detect a stealth jet BUT only at very close ranges depending on the radar cross section of the jet. Therefore, stealth provides first lock, first shoot, first kill capability

How long should it take for a child's permanent tooth to grow in after losing the baby tooth?