How long does it take for a judgment to get on your credit report?

Answer A judgment will be inserted into your credit file as soon as a creditor files a lawsuit against you for a given amount and wins. A creditor is legally allowed to file a lawsuit at any point after ... Read More »

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How long does a judgment stay on your credit record?

Judgments negatively impact your credit score, but cannot remain on your credit report indefinitely. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that all three credit bureaus must remove a judgment seven ... Read More »

How Long Does a Satisfied Judgment Stay on Your Credit Report?

A credit judgment on your credit report can negatively impact your ability to get loans and various other types of financing. Derogatory items on a credit report have long-term consequences. But if... Read More »

If you have broken a lease and you are then sued by the property management company and you do not show up in court. How long will it take for the judgment to appear on your credit report?

If the management company files it immediately with a credit agency, it may be hours or days.

How long does a judgment for credit card debt stay on your credit?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a judgment based on credit card debt remains on a debtor's credit report for seven years or until the statute of limitations runs out, whichever is longer... Read More »