How long does it take for a judgment to get on your credit report?

Answer A judgment will be inserted into your credit file as soon as a creditor files a lawsuit against you for a given amount and wins. A creditor is legally allowed to file a lawsuit at any point after ... Read More »

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How long does a judgment last in public records?

A judgment against you will stay a matter of public record for seven years from the date that the courts approved the judgment.Source:Bad Credit Eliminated

How Long Does a Small Claims Court Judgment Last?

The amount of time a small claims judgment lasts varies from one state to the next. They generally last between three and five years.Source:American Bar Association

How Long Is a Judgment Lien Good for in Florida?

A judgment lien is placed on you or your property if you owe money to a person or entity, and that entity sues you, then wins the case. A lien is a legal document that states that you owe money, an... Read More »

How long does a judgment stay on a credit report?

A judgment stays on your credit report for seven years. Collection agencies sometimes try to report to the credit reporting agencies using the date they began collections, instead of when the accou... Read More »