When your pregnant how long does it take to know if your going to have a boy or a girl?

Answer A sonographer can tell from an ultrasound from 14 weeks onwards. This depends on the position of the baby though.

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How long after a girl's period is it safe to have sex without the worry of getting pregnant?

AnswerCheck this site. the only way to be sure you willnot get pregnant is not to have sex.If you are having sex get some proper birth contol.  Imp... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant if you were having unprotected sex however you pulled out long before you ejaculated?

Yes, small amounts of fluid containing sperm can be released before ejaculation takes place, and so any contact can result in conception...even if no actual intercourse takes place.

If you got a girl pregnant and you love her to death and she says she loves you just as much but she thinks you wont last long because of other people outside of the relationship?

Answer When you mention other people, I'm not sure if you mean threats to your relationship or people wanting the relationship to end. If it's the first one, maybe there is some reason in the past ... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant by another girl that has had sex with a man Can a girl get pregnant from another girl if the other girl has had sex with a man and then had intercourse with the first girl?

No Phew I just had sex with a girl and it was freken sexy!!!! SEX IZ HOT WITH THE SAME GENDER!!!!!!!!! less sexier with guyz! oh, sex rules : suck the nipple er nutalways lites off!DONT 4 GET 2 SUC... Read More »