How long does it take for a black baby to turn black when it is born?

Answer It takes all of 0 seconds. Being born black means they don't "turn" black but are born black. The baby may only seem lighter because of the enclosed space it was in for 9 months and all of the flui... Read More »

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In the classic That's My Boy episode I worried my son had been switched at birth only for it to turn out that the couple whose baby I thought I had well they were black Who am I?

Are black babies black when they are born?

Of course they are! It's the natural, unchangeable pigment of their skin, just like white skin. It doesn't turn that color through sunlight or anything. Another View Actually, some are born with ve... Read More »

If i uses manic panic pillar red dye on my natural black hair how will it turn out and how long does it last?

Using manic panic pillar red on naturally black hair will not turn your hair bright red, it may at the most give it a tint of red. Natural black hair is still too dark to use bright colour hair dye... Read More »

Movie about a black girl who has fair skin and denies her black black heritage and her mother is a servant for a wealthy white family made in the 50's or 60's?