How long does it take for a black baby to turn black when it is born?

Answer It takes all of 0 seconds. Being born black means they don't "turn" black but are born black. The baby may only seem lighter because of the enclosed space it was in for 9 months and all of the flui... Read More »

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When a baby is being born how long does it take to come out?

My labor was 16 hours long. Even though that was my first child, most people take days if its natural from not knowing how to push correctly. It's all about your butt. You have to push as if you we... Read More »

Are black babies black when they are born?

Of course they are! It's the natural, unchangeable pigment of their skin, just like white skin. It doesn't turn that color through sunlight or anything. Another View Actually, some are born with ve... Read More »

How long does it take a new born baby to get over pneumonia?

Unless one has translocation (inherited) Down syndrome than No, they more than likely Won't.

How long does it take for a black eye to go away?

The best answer is probably "that depends". There are so many variables in what we call black eyes; amount of damage to the surface tissue, amount of bleeding into the surrounding tissues, amount o... Read More »