How long does it take for a baby's heart to develop?

Answer it will take a babys heart 40 days or 6 weeks to develop it will go through a phase called looping. Then when the baby is born after its first breath the valves in vetro are closed and the ones use... Read More »

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Can you feel your babys heart beat in your neck?

Answer No. The heart beat in your neck is yours. In fact it isn't really possible to feel the babies heart beat at all. You can hear it with a monitor and even a stethescope, after the 3rd trimest... Read More »

Ultra sound showed shadow on babys heart and brain?

This makes no sense and this question should have been asked to the ultrasound tech when you were there.

How long does meth stay in the babys system while pregnant?

There shouldn't be any drugs in an unborn baby's system period-- no matter how long. That is unfair to the health, developement and future of the baby. If a mother is doing drugs while pregnant she... Read More »

How do people develop heart disease?