How long does it take for Venus fly trap seeds to grow?

Answer Venus fly trap plants (dionea muscipula) grow big enough to transfer after three to four weeks after planted. It can take three to four years for the flowers of the plant to mature.Source:Floridata... Read More »

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How to Germinate Venus Fly Trap Seeds?

A Venus fly trap catches insects because it is a carnivorous plant. The plant typically eats flies and spiders. This living bug catcher has two large leaves that contain lobes with many hairs. Thes... Read More »

What kind of soil does a venus fly trap need to grow?

Venus flytraps grow well in a mixture of equal parts peat moss and sand. That mixture is safe for the roots. Venus flytraps basically need wet roots, high humidity, full sunlight and poor, acidic s... Read More »

Will a venus fly trap grow in northern australia?

The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) should grow well in Northern Australia, provided the right care is given. Native to a very limited area of the bogs of Carolinas and Florida, where the soil is... Read More »

What size does a Venus fly trap plant grow to?

A Venus fly trap can have leave blades up to about 4.7 inches in length and traps up to about 1.6 inches in length. Venus fly traps have the ability to attract and catch insects to eat and have 14 ... Read More »