How long does it take for Rogaine to work?

Answer On One Hand: Growth Takes TimeRogaine's website states that hair can grow up to an inch per month, although some people may experience less hair growth. Because it takes time for hair to grow, resu... Read More »

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Is liquid Rogaine higher potency than foam Rogaine?

On One Hand: Rogaine LiquidRogaine Extra Strength Solution is more commonly referred to as Rogaine liquid and is the original Rogaine product. The active ingredient in the liquid formula is a 5 per... Read More »

Does rogaine foam work better?

On One Hand: It Is the BestRogaine is the best treatment for hair loss and has been since 2007, according to Use of Rogaine gets more results than Nizoral Shampoo and Procepia, th... Read More »

Does Rogaine foam work?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsRogaine has long been used to prevent hair loss in men and more recently in women. The foam version is said to cause less irritation to the scalp, but still gets res... Read More »

Does rogaine really work for women?

On One Hand: What It DoesRogaine (minoxidil) is designed to reverse the effects of baldness when applied topically to the scalp. Hair re-growth can be expected after approximately four months of u... Read More »