How long does it take for Proactiv to work?

Answer On One Hand: Proactiv Often Works QuicklyProactiv reports that 85 percent of people with mild to moderate acne symptoms who use its product find improvement in their symptoms between three and six ... Read More »

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Does proactiv really work for everybody?

On One Hand: ProActiv's Position: A Universal CureThe company states that "If you have acne, Proactiv is the key to a clear complexion." ProActiv offers different packages that are catered to wide ... Read More »

Does anything actually work better than proactiv?

On One Hand: It's Popular and RespectedProactiv Solution is one of the most popular acne treatment systems. It consists of three products: a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. The three products ... Read More »

Does proactiv actually work?

On One Hand: Effective Ingredients and Average User ReviewsProactiv acne medication uses benzoyl peroxide as a main ingredient in its cleanser and lotions. Benzoyl peroxide is an active ingredient ... Read More »

How fast and how well does proactiv work?

I personally think proactive is overrated and doesn't work as well as they make you believe. Less than 50 % of people i have talked to who have tried it said it worked good for them. So i would go ... Read More »