How long does it take for Accutane to work?

Answer Accutane, used to treat severe cases of acne, remains one of the most powerful prescription medications on the market. Although it varies based on your prescribed dosage, patients on Accutane usual... Read More »

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Does accutane work good?

Accutane is a risky drug. Some people had good results, while other people had bad side effects. There is no way of telling how each person is going to respond to Accutane. Your doctor can't even t... Read More »

Do accutane and Chinese herbal medicine work well together?

When in doubt, check with your doctor. I mean your actual medical doctor, not your "herbal expert."It should be fine since Accutane is an actual medication & herbs are just herbs & don't really do ... Read More »

How to Start Using Accutane?

Accutane, or isotretinoin, is the most powerful and one of the most effective oral treatments for severe acne on the market. The tradeoff to its effectiveness is the associated side effects as well... Read More »

Is is ok to take VitaminD while on Accutane?

Yes, you can still take supplements while on Accutane. Are you loving the awesomely dry, flaky skin yet? lol