How long does it take after your last period to get pregnant?

Answer The time varies with each person, you have to be ovualting to become pregnant. To track your ovulation time requires many different things such as core temp changes, over several months.

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If you miss a period does that mean your definitly pregnant even if you used a condem 1 week after your last period?

If you get spotting two weeks after your period and havent had intercourse since your last period does that mean you are pregnant or have miscarried?

Answer you would know if you miscarried you would bleed extensively, not just spotting. If symptoms persist go to the doctor.

Can u get pregnant if u have unprotected sex the last day of your period or the day after your period ends?

It's impossible to get pregnant the day before a period as after you have one the lining of your uterus comes away therefore cannot sustain life.It is possible to get pregnant the day after a perio... Read More »

Is there a way to get pregnant 14 days after your last period?

!4 days after the start of your last period is the day of ovulation for females with a 28 day cycle. this id the perfect time to have sex if you want to be pregnant.