How long does it take a weed plant to grow?

Answer First of all you shuldnt even ask thsi question before i report you to the police :L

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How much weed will one marijuana plant grow?

Ok, like the different breeds of dogs, there are over 2000, "breeds", or strains of marijuana. Genetically, these are grouped as indica (mountainous regions of the Hindu-Kush area of India) and sa... Read More »

How long does it take for weed to grow?

It depends on what kind of weed you have. Baby dro grows in like 2-3 months but white widow takes up to 4 months to grow. Everything depends, you can grow fast or you can grow normal. kaka poo poo ... Read More »

How long to wait to plant after using weed killer?

how long do i have to wait after applying weed killer before i plant

How long does it take a pothos plant to grow?

Pothos plants, including the Jade, Golden and Marble Queen varieties, are fast growing plants. Typically the Pothos will begin to grow almost as soon as planted, but may not take root for at least ... Read More »