How long does it take a sunburn to go away when you use aloe vera gel?

Answer I got burnt last week really badly, and I used aloe vera! It took about a day for it to clear up, and now I'm all tan c:

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Does Aloe Vera help take away Acne?

yes it does but it can also cause allergic reaction on few people. i use it (not like cream but gel from leaves) and it certainly works for me.

When I put aloe Vera on my peeling face sunburn it burns and hurts very bad?

many aloe gels have alcohol (like rubbing alcohol) in them because it evaporates quickly giving you a cooling sensation. When you put the alcohol on irritated/broken skin it burns.Try finding an a... Read More »

How Often Should I Use Aloe Vera Gel On My Sunburn?

Aloe vera gel usually soaks into skin within the first 30 minutes, but it would be best to wait atleast 45 minutes before applying more gel to your burn, just to make sure the previous application ... Read More »

How often should I apply Aloe Vera for my sunburn?

first of all I have a little advise. Put on sunscreen about 15 minutes before exposure to sun. You should have a spf of at least 15 or higher. You should reply the sunscreen every two hours. Don't ... Read More »