How long does it take a lychee tree to produce fruits?

Answer It reaches max size in 10 years

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How Long Before a Cherry Tree Fruits?

Cherry trees are bright, decorate and productive, and grow in both sweet and sour varieties. They grow to 6 feet in dwarf cultivars and over 40 feet in standard cultivars, and may live for 35 years... Read More »

Lychee tree help! (Are these leaves ok)?

Your tree has Erinose mites. They will not harm the fruit at all. But does slow the growth of the tree. Here is a link to see it.…Here is a link to read ab... Read More »

How long does a fig tree take to produce fruit?

Figs trees take up to four years to produce fruit. This fruit tree has a long juvenile stage where fruit is not developed. Factors that delay fruit production are excessive fertilization, arid weat... Read More »

How long for a fig tree to produce fruit?