How long does it take a guy to orgasm?

Answer It depend on how turned on he is, what method of stimulation is being used, how long it has been since the last ejaculation, the age and experange of the male " older guys can uasuly refrain from c... Read More »

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Is it true that the female orgasm is centred around pleasure , but the male orgasm is actually based on pain?

I watched Horizon years ago and it said that the male orgasm was based on pain but it was so concentrated that it came out as pleasure

If you don't have an orgasm for a long time, is it better?

Try the touch & go method stroke circles sround ur clit & every once in a while dip ur finger in & rub ur gspot also to lube ur poor lil clit lmao & change the rythm or speed every now & then & whe... Read More »

Why can I not have an orgasm?

An orgasm is a pleasurable moment of climax felt during sexual intercourse. Although an orgasm can typically be reached through stimulation, some men and women are unable to achieve an orgasm durin... Read More »

Is there anyone else here who has never been given an orgasm from a man?

Only about 20% of all women can regularly achieve an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. Even if you are one of those lucky 20%, there's always the possibility that it takes you too long to achieve an... Read More »