How long does it take to throw up if you pregnant?

Answer Every pregnancy is completely different. Some women may be pregnant and not experience morning sickness at all. Some may be sick the entire 9 months of there pregnancy. In most cases morning sickne... Read More »

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How long does a giraffe gestate?

The female giraffe usually will have one baby giraffe after a gestation period that can last as long as 15 months, according to the Virginia Zoo. When the baby giraffe is born, it can be as heavy a... Read More »

How long does an average giraffe live?

The average life span of a giraffe is 25 years. These tall creatures weigh as much as 3,000 pounds, stand as high as 18 feet, and feast on plants and shrubs for sustenance.Source:African Wildlife F... Read More »

Does benadryl make you sleepy If so how long does it take before it kicks in And how long will i sleep?

Yes. It makes you sleepy. As a chronic insomniac I would take it to get sleepy. Except for prescription sleeping pills, which the doctors don't like to let you have on a nightly basis and due to th... Read More »

How long is a giraffe pregnant?

Giraffes mate when they reach the age of four to five years old. A giraffe's pregnancy lasts fifteen months and she will usually produce only one offspring. It is rare for a giraffe to give birth t... Read More »