How long does it take a cell to multiply?

Answer Cells multiply by dividing. How long it takes a cell to multiply depends upon the type of cell and the size of the organism. In humans and other large mammals, cell division can take anywhere from ... Read More »

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How to Multiply the Long Way?

Multiplication is a concept that educators introduce in elementary schools. Once students memorize the basic multiplication tables up through the number 12, they are ready to multiply larger number... Read More »

Do tulips multiply and how long will it take for the tulips to multiply?

Last i checked, tulips were not good at any kind of math.

How long is the cell cycle of a human liver cell?

The main functional cells of the human liver are known as hepatocytes and comprise 80 percent of the liver mass. These cells have an average cell-cycle span of five months and continually regenera... Read More »

How long is the human DNA in a cell?

Layed out end to end, the DNA in a single human cell would stretch to about 2 meters in length. The human genome contains about 3 billion base pairs spread out over 46 chromosomes. On average, a si... Read More »