How long does it take a GE Spectra oven to self-clean?

Answer The standard self-cleaning cycle on your GE Spectra oven takes three hours; however, the system is adjustable. If the oven is very dirty, you can set it to a five hour cleaning cycle.Source:GE: Spe... Read More »

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GE Spectra Oven Cleaning Instructions?

If you've had a pan overflow in your GE Spectra oven and the result is a smelly, smoky mess, you can take care of it with your oven's self-cleaning feature. Whether your oven has caked-on food cove... Read More »

How long is the logi clean setting on a kenmore oven?

The logiclean setting on a Kenmore oven lasts for 3 hours and 30 minutes. You can increase or reduce the logiclean cycle by one hour by pressing the "+" or "-" button before pressing the "start" bu... Read More »

Do you have to shut the pilot light on an oven to clean the oven?

No. There is no need to turn off your oven's pilot light in order to clean it. There are three types of oven cleaning and none require turning off the pilot light. The first is regular wiping down ... Read More »

How Long Should a Simple Oven 2 Pound Pot Roast Be In an Oven?

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